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Be in warranty package - Saleh Cars Group
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We warrant your New Car

Saleh Cars Group offer a package "Be in Warranty", which is an extended warranty up to UNLIMITED km or HALF A MILLION km for 5 years that Stars after the end of the dealer warranty. This is the advantage of our warranty and includes


Air-condition compressor

Steering wheel tray

Gear Box

Engine refrigerator

Back differential

Brake Case

According to a study on an average car at cost of 90,000.00 SAR in case of failure of any important parts included in the extended warranty, we found the following:

- In case of Engine Failure, the approximate cost shall be ........................ 40,000 SAR

- In case of Gear Failure, the approximate cost shall be............................. 18,000 SAR

- In case of Posterior Differential Failure, the approximate cost shall be ... 13,000 SAR

- In case of AR Compressor Failure, the approximate cost shall be.............. 9,000 SAR

- In case of Engine Refrigerator Failure, the approximate cost shall be...... 6,000 SAR

- In case of Brake Box Failure, the approximate cost shall be ...................... 2,000 SAR

- In case of Steering Box Failure, the approximate cost shall be.................. 3,000 SAR

The total Cost shall be 91,000 SAR. in other words, the total cost may exceed the original price of the car.

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Exclusive Discounts:

We offer our customer exclusively 15% discount on the Golden Bag, from Petromin International Company.

25% discount to Abdullatif Jamil Cusomters on Accessories, Batteries and Tires.

30% discount to Al-Jabr KIA motors Customers on Consumables and spare parts.

30% discount to Alesayi Mitsubishi Motors Customers on Consumables.

25% discount to Al-Jazeera Ford on Spare Parts & maintenance technician fare.

25% discount to Toyota Albazai Customers in The Central Region, on Spare Parts.

25% discount to Suzuki Motors Customers, on Consumables.

25% discount to Almajdouie Hyundai Motors.

Road Supportive Services

This service is granted Free of charge at any time to an unlimited number of our customers. To avoid the exploitation of flatbed trucks owner, who increase the price of cars pick-up that may reach 1000 SAR for one time, in event that our customers expose breakdowns and failure, especially outside the city.

Therefore, we provide this service through a network that covers all the regions around KSA. It includes the following services:
1. Mechanical Failures.
2. Supply fuel.
3. Replacement of Tires.
4. Charge Battery.
5. leaving the keys in the ignition.

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Thermal Insulation Coupon

10 Years warranty for the finest American Thermal Isulations

This Package is provided Free of Charge for Selected

The possession of this package is not required to purchase the car from the Saleh Car Group, but it is required that the car is new


Unlimited km with 5 years


Half Million km or 5 years

Thermal insulator coupon

High quality with 10 years warranty

2400 SAR
1200 SAR Purchase Service

When you buy one of the BE in WARRANTY packages from Saleh cars Group

You enter a Monthly draw for 5 valuable prizes

This package is also provided free of charge for selected motors of Personnel of the following bodies

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