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Lowest price in the market

We at Saleh Group for Cars get bulk-buying car deals that make our cars' prices the cheapest in the market,  so you can rarely find a lower price elsewhere. Because we are accredited by more than 24 brands and we are the most trusted among the commercial agencies, we've got a good reputation among our customers because of our continuous quest of serving them and being their first buying consultant  .. Saleh works for To your advantage.

We guarantee your new car

Most car problems usually start after the warranty expires, and this is not a coincidence. Manufacturing companies know the lifespan of some of the essential parts of the car which preparing price may be equal to the car's original price.

We at Saleh Group for Cars give solutions for this problem where we offer the extended warranty to you; a guarantee of 5 years or 200,000 km starting after the completion of the warranty of the agent and includes the most important parts in the car:



      Rear differential

      A/C Compressor

      Intake manifold

      Brake master cylinder

      Rack and pinion steering


On road service

This is an unlimited, all- time and free of charge service that we made for our customers to avoid the exploiting of some of the towing- service companies of the breakdowns that they may experience, especially outside the city, that raises the prices of the car towing up to 1000 riyals per time. This service is provided to you through a network covering all over the Kingdom in the following cases:


      Mechanical breakdown.


      Replacing tires.

      Recharging the battery.

      Locking the key inside the car.

Approved by all funding bodies

We are almost the only authorized distributor from all banks and finance providers, so whatever your financing needs can be met, our contacts and relationships with finance companies and banks use them to give you the right advice to get the lowest market price and the best financing for your new car.